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We inspire tax industry
to make this world sustainable 

Viacheslav S.  Kutuzov

Viacheslav Kutuzov Foundation of Political Studies Ltd.

55 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, New York 10006

Viacheslav Kutuzov Foundation of Political Studies Ltd. is a New York based not-for-profit organization, that runs a number of charitable and scientific projects in two main categories: taxation & environment and political studies. Our mission is to inspire tax professionals all over the world to make this world sustainable for present and future generations, and to actively participate in charity and environmental activism.


We achieve this goal through fundraising campaigns, organizing events and networkings,  carrying out scientific researches in the field of politics, taxation and environment.   

Although we are an American organization, our vision of the Foundation's mission extends beyond the U.S. boundaries. In particular, we are actively engaged in researching the interaction of taxation and environmental issues in the Russian Federation and other post-Soviet countries. We firmly believe that new environmental policies, supported by fair tax legislation will help to reshape this part of the World on the basis of democracy, openness and mutual respect. 

If you feel you may help us as a trustee, donor or volunteer, feel free to contact us. Remember, big achievements commence with small steps. 

Viacheslav Kutuzov

Video by Kelly Lacy

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