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We purchase debts...

Viacheslav S.  Kutuzov

Debt Collection Agency of Viacheslav Kutuzov

55 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, New York 10006

Viacheslav S.  Kutuzov

Our debt collection agency facilitates purchasing, restructuring and collection of indebtedness in New York City. In particular, we are specialized in recovery of the following types of arrears:

  • due payments under contracts with independent contractors;

  • loan proceeds;

  • unpaid wages;

  • unpaid rent;

  • damages to property, such as real estate damages and car crash damages;

  • other debts.


The debt requirements. The collected debt should meet the following requirements: 

  1. the debt has not been prepaid in fully in any form; 

  2. the debtor has been informed about the assignment;

  3. the full amount of the debt is due and owing by the debtor to the assignor; 

  4. the debt is due less than 365 calendar days; 

  5. the debt is not a payday loan or any other type of a high-interest loan;

  6. the assignor now has a good right, full power and absolute authority to assign its right, title and interest in and to the Debt according to the true intent and meaning of this agreement;

  7. the assignor has NOT been unjustly enriched from the debtor or any other person in any way in course of the Contract;

  8. the assignor is NOT violating the duty of good faith and fair dealing in any way toward any person;

  9. the contract between the debtor and assignor is NEITHER unfair NOR unconscionable;

  10. the statute of limitations (usually it is 6 years period) has NOT passed;

  11. the debt was NOT discharged in bankruptcy;

  12. the property or services have been provided under the contract between the debtor and assignor at a commercially reasonable price;

  13. there is no identity mistake in the personality of the debtor. 

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