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Viacheslav Kutuzov LLC​. Manhattan-based International Law Firm

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Real Estate Practice

Seeking possibilities for growth, American institutional and private investors look closer at the Russian real estate market, which is showing notable signs on recovery. Perhaps, there is a good reason for that. Russia is a gateway market, offering its participants high returns and potential of growth. Typically, real estate is the first industry entering into a crisis and last out. Despite numerous global challenges, Russian real estate sector continues growing, regaining its broad appeal and vivacity. Leading real estate private equity pros are confident that in 2021 Russian market does not expect big price correction.


COVID-19 accelerated tendencies that were in place previously. Russian market copies many worldwide trends, such as functional transformation of investment capital and defensive tactics of many market participants. At the same time it continues to follow its own unique trends: strong political component to foreign capital and heavy dependence on politics, significant domestic currency fluctuations, and dominance of domestic capital. The continuously changing legal regulation and corresponding case law are noted by foreign investors as a key factor that incites investors to be more peaky while choosing a consultant. As a result, market players are being more precautious about the ways they deploy capital and shift their focus on risk management.


Viacheslav Kutuzov LLC is a boutique law firm whose Russian real estate practice committed to serving the needs of institutional and private investors, developers, owners and underwriters on the Russian real estate market. We provide multidisciplinary solutions to managing the intricacies of initial acquisition, restructurings, development, leasing, mutual venturing and financing through the whole cycle. Our key advantage is thorough understanding of market trends in rapidly changing economic environment. 

We provided personalized and reliable solutions for the following undertakings in Russian real estate market: 

Transaction Structuring & Risk Management

Controllable title transfer, free of surprises... Title verification, buyer/seller background check, filings, drafting & negotiating, payment structuring, banking & currency law compliance, and many more...

Estate & Wills. Inheritance in Russia

Claiming inheritance in Russia may be associated with plenty of legal, economical, political and other risks. They come from the concept of inheritance itself, which comprises not only assets, but also liabilities. The law does not limit assets/liabilities ratio. Therefore, there might be a situation then a heir gets an asset of one ruble worth accompanied by 100 rubles liability. In such situation the law does not allow an heir to separate the assets from liabilities or choose the specific assets/liabilities which an heir prefer to claim. An heir may accept all the assets and liabilities, or reject  inheritance totally. 


Normally, as a first step heirs need to locate an executor of the inheritance. In Russia, the inheritance is executed by notaries, in whose district was the testator's last place of abode (usually a place  or residence stated in testator's passport).   

As a second step, heirs need to establish their eligibility to claim estate. Eligibility comes from:

  • the last will (if any) or

  • specific kinship relation with a testator.


Under both eligibility grounds, there is a deadline for claiming an inheritance, which is six months from the date of death of the testator (or the day when court ruling, declaring the testator dead will come into force). The law provides mechanisms to restore this deadline.


If the deceased person did not leave a will, the inheritance property is equally distributed between the heirs of the first tier of succession. If there are no heirs of the first tier of succession or they have not claimed their inheritance (or waived it), the second tier heirs may claim it. There are also some groups of ineligible heirs such as heirs.


Testator's freedom of will to list any person as an heir is limited by a mandatory share of specific groups of heirs, who may claim estate regardless of the content of the will. The following persons are entitled to a mandatory share of inheritance: minor or disabled children of the deceased, disabled spouse and parents of the deceased, disabled dependents of the deceased.

To claim the inheritance the heir has to contact the notary-executor and to file an application along with supporting documents and state fee. If the notary-executor grants the application, the heir shall be issued an inheritance certificate. Such certificate allows the heir to request funds from testator's bank account or to register his/her title to real estate. 

Viacheslav Kutuzov LLC inheritance practice facilitate variety of estate & wills issues in Russia. In particular, we assist our clients in locating inheritance, evaluating assets and liabilities, filing and registration procedures, representing clients in banks, insurance companies, notaries. We also experienced in disputing wills and unlawful administration estate. 

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Tax burden has always been a key factor for investors who consider expansion abroad. Notwithstanding complicated U.S.-Russia politics, the trade between two countries continues to generate multibillion revenue, inevitably entailing double taxation and tax reporting issues.  


Viacheslav Kutuzov LLC helps its clients to navigate the intricacies of American, Russian and U.S.-Russia tax landscape. Having global vision and local proficiency, we offer businesses, individuals and multinational families our personalized solutions for plethora of situations. Our paramount goal is creating predictable and feasible tax strategy integrated with our clients’ financial expectations.

For U.S. expats in Russia

Maximizing your tax benefits under both U.S. and Russian tax law

For Russian expats in U.S.A.

Maximizing your tax benefits under both U.S. and Russian tax law

For third countries tax residents

Maximizing your tax benefits under both U.S. and Russian tax law

Viacheslav Kutuzov LLC is a boutique consultancy offering its clients the following tax services:

  • Cross-border U.S.-Russia tax planning

  • Tax residency & domicile planning 

  • Double-taxation elimination

  • U.S. Tax reporting & disclosure

  • Russia Tax reporting & disclosure

  • Structuring tax related factors in the U.S. and Russia (corporate and M&A structures, assets & liabilities structures, transaction structures) 

  • Disputing tax liability in the U.S. and Russia

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Litigation in Russia. Arbitration In Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Representation in European Court of Human Rights.

Contemporary litigation is a complex process involving matters of law, risk management, reputation management, psychology, PR and many others. We carefully handle all of these aspects while applying our litigation strategies and decisively guiding our clients' situation to the desired outcome.  

Mr. Kutuzov's law firm provides legal representation in all commercial and general jurisdiction courts of the Russian Federation as well as in t
he Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) and the European Court of Human Rights. 

Tax disputes

All sorts of taxation-related issues in the Russian Federation, involving VAT, income tax, corporate tax, exise, property taxes, reporting & double taxation issues 

What exactly we do?

  • We analyze your case from all perspectives (financial, reputation, political, pragmatical);

  • we garner all necessary evidence; 

  • we examine possibilities for escalating the conflict or mitigating it; 

  • we develop objections to arguments of the opposing party;

  • we prepare you and the witnesses for the hearing;

  • we choose the most suitable strategy for the litigation;

  • we do all the filings; 

  • we represent you in trial;

  • we enforce the decision.  

And yes, we always return phone calls to you.

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