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What is Apostille? You've got a document such as power of attorney, marriage license, birth certificate or another, which was issued in the United States. And you need to use this document overseas. In this case you might need to get an Apostille.

Three simple steps to get your Apostille

1. Get a quote. Please, contact our office that we may examine your document, and give you a price and timeframe. Normally it takes 2-3 business days to get your Apostille. We also provide the same day processing.  


2. Submit your document. You may deliver your document in person or ship it to our Manhattan office. We start processing right away.


3. Get your document apostillized. As soon as we get your document, we may FedEx it to your address or you may pick it up at our office.


What documents may be apostillized?

Apostille may be obtained for any document, authenticated by a federal or state official, or a notary public, including but not limited to:

  • birth certificate;

  • death certificate;

  • marriage and divorce decree;

  • FBI background check and criminal records;

  • diploma and other educational credentials;

  • real estate dead;

  • power of attorney;

  • court judgement;

  • articles of association, certificate of incorporation;

  • certificate of good standing;

  • other.



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