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We create tax trends in modern politics...

Viacheslav Kutuzov Foundation of Political Studies Ltd.

55 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, New York 10006

Phone: +1.646.8374669 (connected to Telegram, Video, WhatsApp)

Viacheslav Kutuzov Foundation of Political Studies Ltd. is a non-for-profit organization focusing on variety issues of interaction of taxation and politics. We advise private investors, public organizations and governments how to navigate the intricacies of modern international taxation. Our mission is to create predictable political climate and economically balanced world where everyone may fully develop its economical potential.  


No secret that we live in the world where governments compete for tax money. Despite numerous attempts to establish international tax policy, it is clear that creation of universally acceptable tax policy is a fantom. What is good for one state or region may be devastating for others. United States, Ireland, Panama, and BVI represent entirely different vision on how international tax principles and affairs should be administered. 

Our Foundation advises governments & politicians regardless of their political agenda on international taxation issues. In particular, we consult on the following:

  • combating tax erosion and tax abuses;

  • risks of inter-government associations on tax mattes;

  • modeling domestic and international tax policies;

  • developing strategies of tax competition between governments;

  • investigation of cross-border taxation crimes.  

COVID-19 launched a new waive of global tax war between countries. It is the hugest redistribution of political influence since the end of World War II. We believe this is the right time to act to protect your nation's financial interests.  

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Taxes and politics have very active interaction. Understanding political risks is crucial for doing business in contemporary world. In some countries, taxation turns into the method of political persecution. In other countries, taxation is used as a tool of combating international trade. All these factors shall be taken in consideration when a private investor develops his or her tax policy. We help our clients in tax analysis of modern political regimes, developing repatriation/expatriation strategies, mitigating politically-associated tax risks. 

For more information on our products and updates, please contact us via 

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